What is PVtraffic?

PVtraffic is not a investment company,we are a company of selling advertising and revenue sharing service and we offer you a opportunities to earn with us. PVtraffic provide high demand of advertising and high rewards opportunities and also we are help you to find a way to earn long-term bussiness.

How to make money on PVtraffic?

For standard&investor member, you can earn 50% commission from click ads.

For investor who purchased adpack.

1 adpack $10 will get $11.3.

10 adpack $10 will get $113

100 adpack $1000 will get $1130

500 adpack $5000 will get $5650

1000 adpack $10000 will get $11300

You will receive 10% from any purchase from your direct referrals.

How can i join your program?

It will take 2 minutes and click this link to fill your info .


Can I own more than 1 account

No,one user can only own 1 account only.

When can i receive payment?

Its normally will take 24 hours,but we need review all the payment after send it,it will take max 21 days.(Please make sure to confirm your order after your purchase,otherwise we can not use the funds)

How many processor do you support it?

We have 4 kind of processor,payza,payeer,perfectmoney.

Can I referral others?

Yes,you can invite your friends or family to join us.

Can I change my upline ?

No,we don't change any upline,so please make sure its correct upline when you sign up.

What kind of site do you allow?

We allow all kind of site expect

Pop up

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material

Discriminatory Practices

Tobacco Sales

Hate / Violence Sites

Weapons Sales

Pharmaceutical Sales

Illegal Downloads including movies, MP3, software etc.

When we can receive revenue share plan?

Revenues will add to your account hourly or you may receive revenues today made yesterday.

What's your minimum payout?

Your min withdrawal is $6 and max $5000/day.

How often can I request.

You can request when you reach your min withdrawal limit.

Can I get a refund?

No refund.all revenues share already count into the pool of commissions,advertising,referring sponsor.

How much can earn from adpack?

You can earn 1 adpack cost $10,you will receive $11.3 .its can not guarantee the amount you¡¯ll receive per day,its all depend on sales profit daily.

What is team points?

Team points is only for Contest,if you earn top 10 points of the month,you will able to win $1000 contest bonus.if your referral click 1 ads you will got 1 points,so if you got many referrals you will got more chance to win the contest.