How it works?

Our Company

PVtraffic is not a investment company,we are a company of selling advertising and revenue sharing service and we offer you a opportunities to earn with us. PVtraffic provide high demand of advertising and high rewards opportunities and also we are help you to find a way to earn long-term bussiness.

PVtraffic is able to boost traffic to your website with thousands of real human instantly,you will get paid with stable and safe service with us,all member are benefit from long-term revenue sharing plan. no risk for the plan ,because our benefit are earn from high quality advertising plan. Help our members earn easy and Risk-free is always motto of PVtraffic.

Cash link

Our service is boost quality traffic to our advertiser,help our customer to reach their goal is key major of PVtraffic.

You will see cash links on your dashboard,its dynamic cash will able to see 6 or more ads a day and also you can earn from your direct referrals.


You can earn 50% of referral clicks.

If your direct referral purchase $10 adpack,you will able to earn $1 on your account balance.

Its available for investor and standard member.

$1000 Point Contest

For encourage our member to earn more cash and get more direct referrals,we are start $1000 bonus for new beginner.

How to win $1000 Bonus?

All you need to do is get more referrals and work with your team.if your referral click 1 ads,you will got 1 points.

So the more points you get with your team,you will able to win more bonus.

Top 10 Members will share the $1000 bonus.

Rank Status Bonus
1 On the march $400
2 On the march $200
3 On the march $150
4 On the march $50
5 On the march $50
6 On the march $40
7 On the march $40
8 On the march $30
9 On the march $20
10 On the march $20


Share Revenues

We are a advertising company with revenues share.we will share advertising profits with you.

So you can buy revenue share plan to benefit from it.

You will able to gain profit from our advertising profits pool daily, we will use revenues share to expend our service to world wide and make more people to join us.

Purchase 1 ad pack cost $10

You will receive 5000 banners & 5000 Text Ad Credits & 100 Cash links & 1 revenue sharing postion.

You will receive profits daily when you click 6 ads daily in order to earning revenue sharing. Share profit will share to your account within 24 hours.

Each 1 share will generate $11.3 profit to your account, reaching this maximum is not guaranteed ,its all depend on advertising sells.

Advertising Service

Pay to click advertising

Banner ads advertising

Fixed Banner advertising

Text Ads advertising.

Login Ads advertising.

You can use credits to advertising which will assign to your account when you buy share position. Also you can buy from cash link ,Fixed Text,Fixed banner plan.


You will get 10% commission from any purchase of your direct referrals and got 50% direct referrals click commission.