PVtraffic News In 2015-10-15

[Promo]Thank for our members

Dear Members

This is forth  day of paypal review,its a little long for me and i think for our members i call to paypal about review issue.i am so nervous but we are got a good news,our paypal will be release within 48 hours.

So its 2 days.we did a lot of things in these 4 days,provide different kind of documents for paypal,also explain pvtraffic bussiness model and contact with our menbers which paypal pick up,etc.

Its already driver me crazy,but its my job i have to make it i have to assure all the members are safe with us.i will send all the pending payments after review as usual.please dont be panic ,its all will be fine with us.we have the ability to deal with coming problems also.

So i decide to encourage members who are support and comfort with your trust,i had receive many many tickets from our members who want us to be more i will not disappoint you.

Its only vaild for 3 days,so grab your free bonus,free credits&free cashlinks.

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Have a nice day.

PVtraffic Team.